What Are Car Locksmiths & What Do They Do?

Owning a car isn’t the most relaxing experience. While you’ll have a lot of freedom and independence – alongside seeing other benefits – it can have its drawbacks.

Some of the more obvious of these are repairs and maintenance. One often overlooked part of this is looking after your keys.

You’ve likely lost them around the house at some point or another; everyone has. When you get locked out of your car, however, you could start to panic.

It’s easy to see why; you mightn’t be able to get to work, pick up the kids, or do multiple other things properly. Life could seem as though it’ll come to a standstill.

Whether you’ve lost your keys or locked them in the vehicle, you’ll need a high-quality car locksmith in Adelaide. Doing so will get you back on track faster than you’d think.

If you need a mobile car locksmith, then get in touch. Adelaide Auto Keys is more than happy to help.

You might be unsure about what car locksmiths are and what we do. If that’s the case, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

What Do Car Locksmiths Do?

As you might expect, a car locksmith is someone who specialises in car locks and keys. While they won’t manufacture them, they’ll be trained to fix them in various ways.

That makes them quite similar to locksmiths that work on doors and gates, although they focus solely on automobiles. While they’ll be skilled in working with car doors and locks, they’ll also be experienced in other areas.

Over the past few decades, cars have needed programmable keys that send a signal to the vehicle it’s associated with. It’s an added level of security designed to keep you safe.

Should you lock yourself out of your car, that means there’s another layer to get through. A reliable mobile car locksmith in Adelaide is trained to program or reprogram these fobs.

You’ll see this especially with keys that can remotely lock or unlock your vehicle. Car locksmiths are trained to create new keys and fobs that work with your car.

When Should I Call A Car Locksmith?

You could wonder when you should call a professional car locksmith in Adelaide. You might think that you could get into the car yourself, especially if the key is locked inside.

Unless you can do so without damaging the vehicle, you shouldn’t take this approach. You should instead call a licensed mobile car locksmith in Adelaide if:

  • You’ve locked your key inside.
  • The key or key fob is broken.
  • The lock is broken, so you can’t lock or unlock it.
  • You need to program a key fob.
  • You need a spare car key or fob.

In any of the above cases, you should give us a call. Our highly-trained and professional car locksmiths will be delighted to help.

With our affordable prices, your wallet shouldn’t be much lighter after we’ve helped you. Combined with our quick and efficient service, you’re sure to be happy.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

Getting you back into your car is the main service that a car locksmith in Adelaide, SA, offers. That typically entails making a new key for you or unlocking your car door.

These aren’t the only services that a leading locksmith will offer. There are several others for you to take advantage of.

One of the more notable is that we can get stolen or lost car keys in Adelaide to stop working on your vehicle. If the keys fall into the wrong hands, you can rest assured that your car isn’t at risk.

Alongside this is addressing any other car lock and key issues. Your key could snap off in the ignition, for example. That typically happens with old and rusted keys, although it is quite rare.

A trained car key locksmith in Adelaide can remove this for you and give you a new key. 

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