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Lost your car keys? Need a spare set of keys? We are here to help

Losing your car keys can be a major inconvenience in so many ways. When it happens, all you want is to get a new set of keys as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road without too much delay.

Our mobile automotive locksmith team can take care of this for you wherever you are in Adelaide, and will quickly and efficiently cut a replacement set of keys for you. For additional peace of mind, when you don’t know whose hands you car keys have ended up in, we can re-key the locks on your vehicle and issue you an entirely new set of keys. Likewise, if you need an additional or spare set of car keys, we can clone your originals for you.

In addition, we can reprogram a damaged transponder or worn access control key, disabling any missing or lost keys while we program a new one for you. In addition, we can replace the battery (or the whole unit) if your remote control or key fob isn’t working or is slow to respond, and replace any broken or damaged key housings.

Our car locksmiths will get you in without any damage

It’s not uncommon for a car key to break, and you might experience one snapping off while you’re trying to get into your vehicle. In this scenario (or similarly if a key has snapped off or become stuck in the ignition), there is only one thing you can do — call Auto Keys and one of our mobile locksmiths will come to your rescue, wherever you are in Adelaide.

Not only will our trained auto locksmith be able to get you into your car quickly, they will do so without causing any damage to the door or ignition. This is why in this sort of situation you need the services of a professional car locksmith, as in trying to fix the problem yourself you may only end up damaging your doors or windows, making the whole process much more time consuming and costly.

Once we have been able to get you in, and ensured your vehicle is able to be started, we will clone the damaged key for you as a replacement, or if this isn’t practicable we’ll re-key your existing door locks to suit.
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Transponder keys and electronic car keys

Auto Keys can supply and program transponder keys and electronic car keys for virtually all makes and models of vehicles. We can also service, repair and replace integrated remote controls.

Our well equipped service vans are kitted out with the most up-to-date transponder programming technology, and so we are usually able to deal with any issues you may be experiencing with accessing, starting or driving your vehicle due to electronics problems quickly and on the spot.

If your transponder key has been lost or stolen, we can both disable existing keys and program new ones for you straight away, so there is no danger of anyone being able to use them. If necessary, we can re-key your vehicle and provide you with a set of new transponder car keys if that is a better solution.

In addition, we can re-program your immobiliser if this is causing issues, or alternatively deal with malfunctions in the electronic control unit (ECU).
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